A Number Of Food Sensitivity Symptoms You Might Be Ignoring

You may not know this yet, but those constant headaches, mood swings, muscle aches among many other things may be a sure way that your body is telling you that there is a problem somewhere that has to be dealt with. When one has to deal with food sensitivity, the entire thing may be a total pain especially if you have no idea of what is causing the symptoms that you might be having. Another thing is that since it may be easy for you to ignore some of these symptoms altogether, you may end up ignoring something that your body is desperately trying to tell you.

If you suspect or think that you are sensitive to some type of foods, then the most effective way of finding out if this is true or false is by doing some kind of elimination diet You could stop taking the food you suspect to be the problem for a single month and then after that, start to slowly introduce it to your diet by simply adding a small serving of it. Just make sure that you take a small amount so that you are at least to handle the different symptoms that may start to kick in. The important thing to do here is to ensure that you are able to monitor yourself every step of way especially when it comes to how your body will begin to feel when you begin with the reintroduction of the food.

Below are some of the symptoms that come with food sensitivity that you may be ignoring

  • Muscle aches and joint pain

You may be misleading yourself if you think that the body pain you are suffering from on a daily basis is as a result of you having a not so easy week. However, you may be surprised to find out that the reason you are feeling this way is as a result of some kind of food that you may be gashing on. You need to understand that when the lining of your gut is damaged, then the chemicals that might be produced thereafter may end up invading your bloodstream when they haven’t been digested in the right manner. In turn, your body is going to become inflamed which may be because your system is trying to protect itself leading to pains and aches.

  • Fatigue

When you eat the wrong kind of food, there is some kind of inflammation that is going totake place and your body will come up with some immune response to it which ends up draining your body causing fatigue.

  • Gaining weight

When you are eating food that your body is not comfortable with, then inflammation will take place. When there is chronic inflammation, there is going to be an increase in insulin production which leads to weight gain.

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