i) Commuting is a major problem for people with disabilities in that, during traveling to their workplaces, most of them will prefer having a driver to take them to their specific law firms since most of them are physically incapacitated. They cannot walk or touch. You will find out that most of them use wheelchairs hence it is hard for them to board on buses or trains making them to preferably take taxis to their workplace which is basically expensive as a mode of commuting to their work places. 

ii) Completing work place duties is also a problem since some might be fully physically disabled hence working slowly. Most of them will always be requesting for extra time in order to produce excellent work which is always a problem to the work place. Statistics have proven in recent years that disabled people face the problem of completing law, firm duties. The law firms should try to understand people with disabilities and give them only work they can do under the prevailing working hours. 

iii) Lack of financial assistance. Some law firms do not provide financial assistance such as the following: 

1. Social security disability income 

2. Disability insurance payment and 

3. Supplemental security income 

iv)  Work experience. Some of law firm employees might have got experience when then they had not gotten disabled. Most of them will take more time to adjust to their conditions. Most employees in the work place will face many challenges due to their disabilities in that they will not deliver their work timely as they were doing previously which can even lead to depression in case they will not be encouraged and counseled . 

v) Lack of career assistance programs. People with disabilities should get assistance with career assistance services such as rehabilitation agencies and job assistance programs in order for them to accept the way they are and in order for them to work in a way that is highly convincing to the firm. 

vi) Requesting changes in the workplace can be a problem to people with disabilities incase the organization has no building lifts and the employees cannot walk and there is no wheelchair accessible path for them to commute to different offices. The disabled employees might require an office space in the ground floor yet the non-disabled refuses to swap with the disabled one. 

vii)Disabled people might face the problem of flexible working hours. Disabled people  might find it hard to balance the time for starting work and the time for ending work. 

viii)Discrimination in the law firm. Most disabled people will face discrimination which will affect their work. On- disabled people will always look at the disabled people and say to them they do not belong to the organization lawyers called Share of Toronto